RuN No.5 The City 21.11.14

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RuN is back for the fifth event! This Time, every piece of work from the artists exposes a personal perspective of cities they have known. Chance encounters, random sightings, social barriers, organised nature and architecture that’s either too big or too small for us: Run No.5 The City will attempt to house this constant exchange, between our eyes and the other, by hosting a night of photography, short plays, performance art, installation and music.

DATE/TIME- 21/11/14- 7.30 pm doors open

£2.50 on the door/and online-

where is the event eh? where? here: HArts Lane Studios 7.30 pm doors open.


LiNe Up oF tHe Evening:

- Between cities and the searching for a new life
video by Kimbal Bumstead

-Security Objects, photography by Richard Jones

Łódź Review (2012), series of images by Harriet Pilcher

-Take me to the river- video projections by Mae Rafferty

-‘ I bin there (lol)’- installation by Tanya Guryel

-Yesterday I was- installation performance by Elisa Soroga

-The Skin and Flesh- performance by Indrani and Ashe

, indrani-,

London-The Town of ugly curtains- performance by Luisa Amorin

-”Walking through me”- performance by Skew Wiff

a new devised performance by CLUSTER BOMB [collective]

-Survival Kit, performance by Barkosina Hanusova

-Transmanic actions, performance by Andre B Verrissimo

-Get it on- live Dj set by Contradictions of Barkosina

would be great to see faces old and new! TAke care!

gallery from Deptford X’s ‘ The Sky in a Room’ at Harts Lane Studios, New Cross


The Sky in A Room | Deptford X

Originally posted on hARTs LANE STUDIOS:

photo 1aImage by Mikey Georgeson

The Sky In A Room

27/28 September 2014
Saturday 27, 2-7pm
Sunday 28, 2-5pm

Part of Deptford X 2014

‘The Sky in a Room’ is a twin installation exploring the theme of private/public space by taking the usual domestic setting out of its context. Harts Lane, the street outside of the gallery is transformed into a home complete with furniture, kitchen, living room, whilst the inside of the gallery is turned into a garden. The public and passers by are invited to be part of the event by spending time inside the ‘house’, or in the ‘garden’ to read, chat, drink coffee and let their guards down by allowing the unexpected to happen. Eighteen artists engage with the setting and its narrative in the form of happenings, video projections, objects and performances.

The project addresses the lack of outdoor public space to meet in New…

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RuN Call for Artists- THE CITY



The Next Theme for RuN is ‘The City’

You don’t have to focus on a particular city (although you are welcome to) rather RuN would like to focus on city living: how you traverse the city, how you encounter people in the city, the pace of city living, observing the city, how the city transforms from day to day and the rest is up to you! We are looking for all kinds of art: short performances, dance, installation, video, do whatever you like. Showcasing different art forms means that the theme will be experienced in a multisensory way.

d.e.a.d.l.i.n.e — 26.10.14

Send your ideas/sample pieces to:



Pieces from RuN featured in Hart’s Lane’s ‘ The Sky in a Room’ at Hart’s Lane 27th-28th/09/14

Breakfast- Installation Performance by Elisa Soroga and B Hanusova

Breakfast- Installation Performance by Elisa Soroga and B Hanusova

Traume sind Schaume ( Dreams are Foam) by Gabriella Catalano and Paolo Rosini

Traume sind Schaume ( Dreams are Foam) by Gabriella Catalano and Paolo Rosini

HELLO ALL! features from the last RuN event ‘Dreams’ will be part of Deptford X Art festival. this weekend !

The festival is happening all over New Cross and Deptford from the 26/09-05/10, so come and find your way around !
‘BREAKFAST’ ( Installation by B. Hanusova and Elisa Soroga) and ‘TRAUME SIND SCHAUME’ (Dance By Gabri Catalano and Paolo Rosini) will feature as part of ‘The Sky in The Room’ curated by Harts Lane Studios this weekend the 27th and 28th of September.

It would be great to see faces new and old, to support both RuN and Harts Lane Studios. Harts Lane’s event The Sky in a Room tests its visitors by inverting external and domestic settings, to explore the dynamics of outdoor and domestic spaces and our understandings of public and private space.

If you were at the last event then this is a chance to see these pieces again in an entirely new context, If you’ve never heard of it, then you’ll find out!



RuN no.4 Dreams 02/07/14 program and coverage!

This time, for our Dreams event, both audience and performers created the atmosphere that comprised of a random, lucid flow of art works and performances springing up from all corners of Hart’s Lane throughout the night. We appreciate all the support and donations and hope to see you again!

just a reminder about May Rafferty’s website installation: you can still visit and record your dreams on !

RuN No 4. : dREaMs at Harts Lane Studios 02/07/14




“The unconscious is the true psychical reality; in its innermost nature it is as much unknown to us as the reality of the external world, and it is as incompletely presented by the data of consciousness as is the external world by the communications of our sense organs.”
Whether you agree with Freud or not we don’t really mind. Is sea mother? planes and guns penises? Do you forget your dreams or forget to remember them or you remember to forget them? No? It’s also fine by us.
You have won or lost the lottery ’cause of three recurrent dogs, your reality happens in your dreams or your dreams become reality, you speak with the dead, you have killed, resuscitated, gave birth, tasted the rims of buildings in your mouth, lost all your teeth and woke up relieved you still had them, slept with your father and enjoyed it, got stuck in the studio of your childhood. Saw creatures, created creatures, destroyed creatures… you became movement while lying still. You never quite got over the beauty of dreamt cities. You were mute, blind, gasping for air under blankets. Everything was small, very near, quite big, noise was silence and you became a flower. No? Well maybe you can tell us what happened instead.
On the 2nd of July 2014 RuN invites you to explore our little oneiric pocket. We have a space and artists from diverse backgrounds attempting to flow together alone, with DREAMS in mind. A platform for exchange, experiments, ideas. From performance art to music, theatre and installations.There will be a bar and we welcome donations.**Also if you’re a musician and/or you enjoy playing matchboxes, come along with your instruments! There will be a jamming session afterwards!**
( photograph by Misha Gordin)