Upcoming Event R<U<N no. 11

I am delighted to present the next R<U<N< the multicultural burst of Performance! This is a significant gathering without borders and the absolutely beautiful truth that we are together and it is necessary it will stay that way! Mayhem night of Performances in Any Ways featuring: PaulSakoilsky“Painting Practise 3” [Kunst Clown series]model: Barka Sinner Mai […]

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Upcoming Event. Run no 10- Experimento Performativo- Theme- Demolition/Gentrification/Eviction.

I think of demolition/gentrification/eviction, I think of noise and disturbance. When you kicked out from your home, you feel disturb, you feel hopeless. Come Along and share the sorrow, put hands together and get back on your feet. Run no 10- Experimento Performativo- Theme- Demolition/Gentrification/Eviction. The night will flow with poetry, puppetry, performance, instrumental noise […]

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MANIFESTO R<U<N RUN is an unpredictable Art collective that is in constant move and never stays the same. RUN is interested in the concept of failure rather than the ultimate perfection of Art. -It is very inspiring to me, If I watch an artist throwing himself/herself on the stage and begins experiments his/her work. These […]

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Upcoming EVENT. No 9- LOVE 14/04/16

I am delighted to present next RUN Performance night with the theme LOVE.  A Night of multidisciplinary art forms from film, poetry to puppetry, performance art and music. We play with incongruity, unexpectedness and audience participation. Join the surprise! There are no borders, everything is allowed. Door open at 7, performances start at 8pm and […]

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Call for Artists! THEME: LOVE

Call for Artist- RUN no 9- LOVE -any creative discipline is allowed to submit, whether it is poetry, dance, puppetry, short film installation, live/performance art, queer…. -you either integrate the theme of LOVE into your piece- that of incongruity and surprise, or you submit a piece of your work that you think would suit an event […]

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