RuN No.5 The City 21.11.14

city image

RuN is back for the fifth event! This Time, every piece of work from the artists exposes a personal perspective of cities they have known. Chance encounters, random sightings, social barriers, organised nature and architecture that’s either too big or too small for us: Run No.5 The City will attempt to house this constant exchange, between our eyes and the other, by hosting a night of photography, short plays, performance art, installation and music.

DATE/TIME- 21/11/14- 7.30 pm doors open

£2.50 on the door/and online-

where is the event eh? where? here: HArts Lane Studios 7.30 pm doors open.


LiNe Up oF tHe Evening:

– Between cities and the searching for a new life
video by Kimbal Bumstead

-Security Objects, photography by Richard Jones

Łódź Review (2012), series of images by Harriet Pilcher

-Take me to the river- video projections by Mae Rafferty

-‘ I bin there (lol)’- installation by Tanya Guryel

-Yesterday I was- installation performance by Elisa Soroga

-The Skin and Flesh- performance by Indrani and Ashe

, indrani-,

London-The Town of ugly curtains- performance by Luisa Amorin

-“Walking through me”- performance by Skew Wiff

a new devised performance by CLUSTER BOMB [collective]

-Survival Kit, performance by Barkosina Hanusova

-Transmanic actions, performance by Andre B Verrissimo

-Get it on- live Dj set by Contradictions of Barkosina

would be great to see faces old and new! TAke care!


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